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Where Practicality Meets Style


Venetian blinds give you complete control over the privacy and the amount of light you let into your room, by tilting the slats and raising or lowering the blind. This makes the blind great for rooms that you spend a lot of time in. Our Venetian blinds can be made from 3 different materials.

Materials used can be, Wood, Faux wood and Aluminium.

Wood available in 50mm slats.

Faux wood available in 50mm slats

Aluminium in 25mm slats 



Equinox Curtains and Blinds Ltd makes it easy to personalize your space. Our wide selection of Curtains materials will help you complete the exact look you want. All curtains are made to measure to your exact specifications.

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Our real wood shutters make a huge impact to any room. Whether you would like your shutter to be full height, tier on tier, cafè style or shaped. Shutters are a one stop solution for privacy, room darkening and light control.
Completely designed to suit your windows to look fantastic inside and out.

Our Shutters are available in Paulownia, Basswood and Ash (No MDF) and come in various colours which includes custom colours from Farrow and Bull, Little Greene and Dulux.
No need to worry about wet rooms or bathrooms as we can supply fully waterproof composite shutters to give the privacy you need.
All shutters come with a worry free 5 year guarantee.



Sometimes, a little change can make a big difference. Make a statement in every room of your home by checking out our wide range of colours and patterns for our Roman blinds.



Pleated blinds are a versatile blind that is perfect for any room including conservatories. With fabrics that come in soft and bold colours that will suit your style. Pleated blinds can offer you fabrics that are sheer, privacy and room darkening.
Honeycomb style pleated blinds are great for room darkening as all cords are hidden in the blind, these blinds also offer fantastic insulation to your windows storing warm pockets of air on the pleats of the blind.

Pleated blinds can also be installed directly onto your windows with no drilling or screws required



Sometimes, all it takes is a gentle touch to make a huge impact, especially when it comes to Roller blinds. You can go big and bold or small and subtle. It’s up to you. Choose whatever sparks joy and add some unique personality to your space.



Vertical blinds are a great solution to large windows. With the option to control light in your room or to have room darkening. Vertical blinds take up little space when drawn back giving great access to patio space and bi-folding doors



We enjoy a challenge. If you have a window that is shaped and would like to add some privacy or room darkening to we can help you find the right product.
High windows, awkward to reach or simply style. Motorised blinds maybe the right product for you. With a variety of blinds compatible we offer battery operated blinds either rechargeable or replaceable battery's. All motorised blinds are remote control operated and are set up on installation to your requirements.

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